How can I learn more about COR Advantage?

View a recorded COR Advantage here or read an overview of COR Advantage here.

What training do I need for COR Advantage?

We recommend training to use the tool effectively. COR Advantage training offers a comprehensive introduction to the tool, practice with collecting and scoring anecdotes, and suggestions on how to support children’s development based on their scores.

To use COR Advantage as a valid and reliable pre- and post-assessment instrument, teachers and providers should be certified in the use of the tool. For certification, users are required to pass the reliability assessment that accompanies the training at a score of 80% or above. The reliability assessment is designed to detect and account for variability in teachers’ scoring of their children (scorer effects). This system allows for a more accurate and fair comparison of children across different classrooms.

What training options are available for COR Advantage?

We offer online and face-to-face options. Check the HighScope website for dates and descriptions. We also offer an optional online reliability test for the COR Advantage tool. To explore training options call 800.587.5639, Ext. 224 or Ext. 268, or e-mail [email protected].

Free demonstrations are available. Click here to view the recorded demos.

What is the cost of COR Advantage?

COR Advantage offers two plans: Standard and Limited. The Standard Plan offers a lesson planning feature, access to the Family Network for at-home online access, and extensive reporting options at the child, classroom, or agency level. It also includes a data analytics option to produce customized reports based on your program’s needs. The Limited Plan offers selected features of the Standard Plan and is available for programs serving less than 100 students. Pricing is based on the number of students enrolled; please contact us at 800.587.5639, Ext. 234 for a quote or for additional information.

Will print products be available for COR Advantage?

Yes, print resources are available for download in the “Toolbox” when you are logged into the system; bound paper versions may be purchased from HighScope Press.

Does COR Advantage align with national, state, and Head Start standards?

Yes, COR Advantage aligns with state early learning standards, including Common Core state standards; Head Start’s Child Development and Early Learning Framework and Five Essential Domains for Infants and Toddlers; and other early learning standards.

How is COR Advantage different from OnlineCOR?

COR Advantage offers seamless birth-through-kindergarten assessment. OnlineCOR has two separate assessment instruments — one for preschool and one for infants and toddlers. COR Advantage offers distinct and well-defined item levels ranging from 0 to 7. Teachers can easily score anecdotes for children at all developmental levels, including children with special needs and children who are English Language Learners (ELLs).

One new feature is a bar on the anecdotal entry page listing COR items that have already been scored — teachers can see a quick summary of the anecdotes they’ve entered to date.

If I’m currently using OnlineCOR, do I need to switch to COR Advantage?

For the 2014–2015 program year, both tools (COR Advantage and OnlineCOR) will be available: you may select the tool that best meets your program’s needs. You may move to COR Advantage at any time during the year ahead. We will work with all programs to transition to COR Advantage by the summer of 2015.

Will my password be the same with COR Advantage?

Yes, if you’ve been using OnlineCOR, all user IDs and passwords will remain the same. If you have any questions about your password, please contact technical support (contact information below).

Will all my OnlineCOR information transfer to COR Advantage?

All of the program structure (agency, site, classroom information, staff and child names) will transfer. Since all categories, items, and levels are expanded, anecdotes do not transfer from one system to the other.

Will child and classroom reports change when moving from OnlineCOR to COR Advantage?

COR Advantage child and classroom report functions will remain the same as currently available with OnlineCOR. One minor change is that the Family Report has been renamed Your Child’s Developmental Profile in the COR Advantage system.

Will OSEP and Benchmark Reporting be available?

OnlineCOR will continue to offer Office of Special Education (OSEP) reporting as well as Benchmark reports. COR Advantage now has the capability to meet the requirements for OSEP reporting.

Will there be a manual (paper/pencil) version of COR Advantage?

A manual version of COR Advantage is available here.

Is COR Advantage available in Spanish?

All child reports in COR Advantage are available in both English and Spanish. There are multiple online teacher resources that are also available in both English and Spanish. Your Child’s Developmental Profile can be generated in both English and Spanish and may be printed or published electronically in the Family Network.

What is COR Advantage 1.5?

COR Advantage 1.5 is the newest release of COR Advantage. Based on the results of teacher feedback and the initial validity study, minor modifications were made to several levels for ease, clarity, and accuracy of scoring.

We are switching from OnlineCOR to COR Advantage this year. What’s involved in transferring our child data to the new instrument?

First of all, the transfer will not involve extra work for the teacher or administrator using the tool — no downloads, no new logins, and so forth. Once an OnlineCOR customer completes a renewal contract for COR Advantage, nothing needs to be done on the user’s end; the application will automatically change to COR Advantage. HighScope does not charge for the transfer of data. Periodically HighScope will release new features for COR Advantage, often in January and August. There will be no added upgrade fees.

Each child’s identifying information (name, gender, birth date, language, etc.) and other records will be retained in the new instrument. The assessment instrument is the only thing that will change.

Many aspects of COR Advantage will feel familiar, but past OnlineCOR users will also notice some significant differences and new benefits:

  • Because COR Advantage is a seamless birth-to-kindergarten instrument, users will not have to select the infant-toddler or preschool instrument in order to use the tool. The anecdote entry screen will automatically show the eight scoring levels for COR Advantage (versus six in the older version).
  • Other new features and improvements include enhanced lesson planning, with a greatly expanded activity bank; the ability to track the anecdotes entered for each child with the onscreen scoring bar; and new family activities in the Family Network. All these features are accessible with a Standard or Limited plan COR Advantage license.

How will data be transferred for programs making the transition in the middle of the school year?

If a program transfers to COR Advantage in the middle of a school year, it won’t lose any child data, but the Classroom and Child Reports features will only present findings from the current instrument (COR Advantage). Users will still be able to view the anecdotes from the other instruments for a specific child by using the Manage Anecdotes screen, but those scores would not be included in the Child Reports. They will also be able to see Preschool or Infant-Toddler data generated from OnlineCOR in the Outcomes reports. The Outcomes Reports permit the user to select an instrument; this allows a COR Advantage user to go back and run reports from OnlineCOR for previous years or the current year.

Other questions?

  • Contact HighScope at [email protected] or call 800.587.5639, and ask for the COR Team.
  • For print resources, contact HighScope Press at 800.407.7377.
  • For COR Advantage and OnlineCOR Technical Support, e-mail [email protected] call 888.386.3822, Option 2 (Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Eastern).