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What Did They Learn Today?
Holly, the teacher in a public preschool classroom, has been busy all morning. She’s made up a dance with Maya, listened as Isaiah “read” the letter-like squiggles he painted, and launched rockets to Venus with Jessi and Salim. Now it’s time to answer the question: What did they learn today?

COR Advantage is an instrument for assessing early childhood development from infancy to kindergarten that enables you to learn more about how children are developing and learning — freeing teachers up for more intentional quality time with the children. It is a valid and reliable instrument, with strong content, structural and concurrent validity, and high internal consistency and inter-rater reliability.

It all starts with assessing children’s abilities within the natural context of learning. Teachers and others familiar to the child record objective anecdotal notes during class. Anecdotes are brief descriptions of what children do or say that highlight their significant daily behaviors. By carefully observing children and recording a few anecdotes each day, teachers collect the basic bits of information — the “data” — for COR Advantage assessment. Anecdotes can be recorded and scored using paper and pen, laptop or desktop computers, and tablet devices. You can also attach digital work samples to child records as supporting evidence.

These anecdotes are scored using a COR Advantage item that is anchored in one of eight well-defined levels on a developmental continuum. Scores are then used to generate a variety of Child and Classroom Reports. The reports help you

  • Understand your children better
  • Respond to children’s individual needs
  • Plan instruction and monitor progress
  • Measure school readiness
  • Prepare for family conferences
  • Design program improvements
  • Support management decision making
  • Aggregate data
  • Create professional learning for adults

The input from you is simple; the output, as complex as you need it to be. Authentic assessment doesn’t have to be tedious. COR Advantage takes the work out of assessment so you can spend your time helping children build skills to last a lifetime.

CD5300-LR-6567Recording and Scoring Anecdotes

Start With Observations
Once you’ve collected the anecdotes, COR Advantage does the rest. With its streamlined method for entering, scoring, managing, and printing child anecdotes, COR Advantage organizes your observations to create meaningful data you can use to support the growth and development of every child in your care. For each level, there is a description of what observers should look for and two concrete examples drawn from real behavior in real settings.

For instance, you might observe Valeria completing a five-piece puzzle at group time. Once you’ve entered this anecdote into the COR Advantage database, you can determine the relevant COR Advantage category, item, and level to score that observation.

Anecdote Status Report

Anecdote Status Report

Simply becoming familiar with COR Advantage categories, items, and levels helps teachers learn more about how young children develop. In this case, the teacher records her observation in the Physical Development category, Item J. Fine-motor skills, level 2. Anecdotes can be scored for all the COR Advantage items they support.

To assist teachers and administrators, reports such as the COR Advantage Score Count Report, Anecdote Status, and Review Anecdotes by Observer may be used to monitor progress in collecting and scoring anecdotal information and to monitor the quality of the information entered. Once the anecdote is entered  and scored, this helpful “snapshot” of a key moment in a child’s development is instantly available to teachers and administrators. But that’s just the beginning. These scored anecdotes form the basis for the many Child and Classroom Reports available with COR Advantage.

Child Reports

Get on Top of Data
COR Advantage is a powerful tool that allows you to easily and automatically create reports on children’s development with just a few keystrokes.

Category and Summary Graphs

Category and Summary Graph

Child Reports let you monitor progress in each of the COR Advantage domains, track growth across multiple time periods, and compare child scores to other standards, such as the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.

The best part? Once you’ve collected the anecdotes, COR Advantage does the rest.

COR Advantage can help teachers identify, monitor, and document children’s holistic experiences starting at birth, as well as measure their growth in areas related to school readiness. The Developmental Summary shows the highest score assigned in nine learning areas across three marking periods for the selected child.

A quick glance at one section of the report reveals that this child’s score under Item G. Community has jumped dramatically since the first reporting period, while her progress under all items has not been assessed yet for period 4.

Reports like the Category and Summary Graphs help teachers to assess the growth of individual children and broaden learning opportunities.


Outcomes Report

Outcomes Report

Outcomes Reports enable teachers and administrators to aggregate data for selected groups of children and to monitor progress over time by comparing aggregated scores and changes from one scoring period to another. The report can be generated for COR Advantage categories of learning, for individual items from the COR Advantage, for Head Start’s Child Development and Early Learning Framework, and for state early learning standards.

Results are displayed in both graphical and numerical formats, enabling readers to quickly understand and communicate the gains children are making, to support planning, and to highlight areas that need additional attention. Report filtering options enable users to disaggregate children’s scores in multiple ways and to isolate specific age groups of children. The detail version of the Outcomes Report by COR Advantage item is broken into ½ step intervals so that children with developmental or other delays can still show gain over time.

COR Advantage has many more Child Reports to help you track progress and plan instruction. You input the data. COR Advantage organizes it and makes it easy to interpret.

Read more about Child Reports and Family Engagement.

Classroom Reports

Meaningful Data to Inform Instruction
Often, you’ll want to look at scores for small groups of children, or the class as a whole. COR Advantage reporting and analytics gives you an abundance of
options to slice and organize the data in a meaningful way. Teachers use observational data to provide individualized instruction to scaffold each child’s learning and development throughout the program year.

Strengths and Opportunities Report

Strengths and Opportunities Report

For example, if you want to see high and low average scores, as well as gains over time, use the Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement report.

Say you want to see each child’s progress in each COR Advantage item from one reporting period to another? That’s the Progress Tracker.

Or maybe you want to compare a child’s scores on particular items to the classroom average? That’s the Classroom Item Scores by Period Report. The School Readiness Report provides information on the child’s progress towards school readiness in each of the COR Advantage domains with an overall measure of school readiness for each of the selected reporting periods.

These are just a few examples of the Classroom Reports. With COR Advantage, whenever you need data to inform instruction, there’s a report for it!

Lesson Planning

Plan With Confidence
Now that you know what’s needed, you might be asking yourself, “How do I apply this in the classroom?” With the updated Lesson Planner in COR Advantage, there’s no question about it — putting meaningful data to work in your classroom activities is a breeze!

Lesson Planning feature

Simply edit the daily routine template to make it your own, then leverage embedded activities or create your own activities for each part of the day. The activity library is filled with strategies and activities designed by the experts at HighScope to drop and drag into your daily plan.

Need to focus on conflict resolution in group time today? With COR Advantage, activities and strategies are labeled by age, part of day, and COR Advantage item, so you can easily find an activity that matches individual and group needs, as well as identify skills you may be observing throughout the day.

A standard license for COR Advantage offers hundreds of activities and interaction strategies to support early learning, as well as a simple way to create and save your own lesson plans in a personalized lesson library. No more wondering how to fine-tune instruction based on children’s individual needs. Teachers can use these online resources to plan for the classroom as a whole as well. The suggested strategies, materials, and activities have been extensively field-tested based on more than 50 years of HighScope experience in curriculum development.

With COR Advantage, you ask questions and get answers — instantly!

Administrator Reports

Expand Your Reach
Everything that COR Advantage does for the teacher it does for the administrator, and more!

Administrator Reports allow users to effortlessly meet external reporting requirements such as OSEP and monitor child progress and performance against their program/agency goals. Additionally, benchmark reporting features allows programs to compare children’s performances and progress with similar-aged children attending comparable programs across the nation. By using the Data Analytics feature, you can even create customized reports.

All Administrator access and reporting rights are included at no extra cost in our Standard pricing plan. In addition to numerous specialized reports, administrator access provides

  • Alignments with state and national standards
  • Aggregated data (up to seven levels may be defined)
  • Application options customized to your program
  • Up to four customized date checkpoint periods
  • User-defined fields to collect data unique to your program
  • Evaluation and monitoring of teacher progress in collecting and scoring anecdotes
  • Technical support by phone and e-mail

With COR Advantage, you’re right there with teachers and children, even when you’re not in the classroom.

COR Advantage Professional Learning

HighScope offers onsite and web-based learning. Because of its hands-on, active learning style, the training is equally successful with teachers and providers new to authentic child assessment procedures as well as those experienced with authentic assessment systems. Read more about Professional Learning here.